Which Fireplace?

The world of fireplaces is ever changing and quickly evolving, and today there are not only hundreds of colours and styles available to choose from, but also a plethora of materials as well. If you’re in the market for a new focal point, but aren’t sure which way to turn, you could very easily get lost in a tangle of fieldstones, ledgestones and concrete slabs.

Sometimes, though, nothing beats a good classic.

If you’re after a safe bet, here are three proven materials to consider:

The Adam Southwold Fireplace in Oak and CreamMDF

Although the name can put people off, MDF is a versatile material that is a surprising candidate for a fireplace choice. Straightforward to install and maintain, they are the favourite option for DIY buffs.


+ Cheapest

+ Easy to Manipulate

+ Easy to Move, and Easy to Change


+ Not as Majestic as Marble

+ Limited Suitability

+ Susceptible to Damage

The Cuba Fireplace in Sparkly White with DownlightsMarble

The archetype building material of fireplaces, its day is certainly not done just yet, and marble is still a fantastic, popular option for making a fireplace. Its inherent quality is sure to make it a focal point that adds class to any interior.


+ Quality Finish

+ Versatility

+ Sturdy and Durable


+ Price Tag

+ Maintenance

+ Limited Functionality

The Zurich Fireplace in Black GraniteGranite

A popular, modern alternative, granite manages to combine a lot of the allure that marble carries, but brings with it an edgy, contemporary feel as well. Sharing the high quality feel of marble, this is another material that will add class to your living room.


+ Looks the Part

+ Solid by Name, Solid By Nature

+ Stays Clean


+ Price Tag

+ Darkening Factor

+ Limited Choice

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Buying a Gas Fire!

Buying a Gas Fire!

Buying a Gas Fire!
Picking out the best gas fire to suit your needs can seem like a daunting task; however, you can be assured that we have models available for all tastes and budgets. The following information should certainly help you in your quest for an ideal fire that ticks all the boxes.

Adam Gas Fires!

The Adam Helios & Adam Blenheim slimline gas fire is a new venture and these fires boast an impressive heat output of 3.1Kw and they are easy to ignite and control with the manual control function. The Adam Helios is supplied with a contemporary pebble bed with a brushed steel finish whereas the Adam Blenheim is supplied with a coal bed and has a brass finish. Both gas fires are suitable for pre-cast, class 1 and class 2 flues and we can certainly guarantee that you won't find any gas fire cheaper online!

Valor Gas Fires!

Since developing the first radiant gas fire in 1967, not only did Valor go on to expand the market with the first balanced flue fire in 1973, they followed with the first ever living flame gas fire - the Valorflame – in 1978, then by 1982, the Valor ‘Homeflame’ was the a bestselling gas fire in the UK with 70% efficiency. Valor continued to expand their gas fire portfolio with the new high efficiency ‘Homeflame’ range and continue to do so to this day..

Crystal Gas Fires!

Starting up 1990 in Liverpool Crystal Fires have gone from strength to strength, winning awards on the way for their original and innovative designs. 27 years on and Crystal Fires are one of the market leaders due to an extensive range of contemporary and traditional living flame gas fires that are perfect for the vintage and modern home.

Flavel Gas Fires!

Flavel has always had a reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most efficient fires on the market. Now with the introduction of their high efficiency "HE" and "Plus" ranges of products: exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs, a Flavel fire is an exceptional choice. Flavel has invested in developing the technology in their fires to meet the key objectives of producing a gas fires that save energy and as a result help to keep costs down.

Outset Gas Fires!

Not so long ago we dived into the market for traditional outset gas fires. We realised that there was such a high demand for this type of fire, yet it is still believed that outset fires are outdated! But, they are not and they are here to stay, with their beautiful flame pictures which offer fantastic heat output and control they stand proud in to the room, allowing a more effective use of heat.

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10 Reasons Why You Really Need an Electric Fire

More than just a fad, electric fires have hit the mainstream big time, and are allowing people who have never considered a fire before to create a beautiful focal point in their home.

There’s no two ways about it: electric fires are here, and they’re here to stay.

But why exactly should you buy an electric fire? Or if you already have a gas or solid fuel fire, why should you make the switch? Read on to find out!

1. Safety

One of the major benefits of electric fires is that their lack of gas or real flames makes them a lot safer than their gas and solid fuel counter parts. Fingers can’t be burnt, hair can’t be singed, and most modern options also include a safety cut out feature, meaning that the electric supply will automatically cut out should anything go wrong.

2. The Real McCoy

One of the major complaints against using electric fires is their distinct lack of resemblance to a real fire, right? Well this fear is ever-increasingly becoming an issue of the past. Ever-advancing technology has allowed the creation of more and more realistic effects, and now there are several different "flames" to choose from.
Have a look at our Best Electric Fire Flame Effects post to find out more.

3. No Installation Cost

Flues, engineers, installation and chimneys: fireplaces have a bit of reputation for a being a pain to install. One of the best things about an electric fire though, is that the installation is simply plugging it in, and switching it on.
It really couldn’t get any easier if it tried.

4. Easy To Maintain

Fed up of cleaning up the soot from your solid fuel fire, or servicing your gas fire every year? As if our last reason wasn't enough, an electric fire requires very little maintenance. They don’t need to be checked and serviced regularly, there’s no ash to get rid of after every use, and cleaning is minimal as they just don’t get that dirty!

5. Inexpensive

To get a really good quality gas or solid fuel fire, you’re going to be looking at quite a hefty price tag – factor in the cost for having it assembled and installed, and you’re probably re-thinking the decision to buy a fire! Going electric is just so refreshingly cheap in comparison. Electric fires can be bought for under a hundred pounds, and electric fireplace suites are often supplied fully assembled, with no installation required.

6. 100% Efficiency

Yes, you read that right. It’s common knowledge that gas and solid fuel fires can lose anywhere up to 60% of the heat they generate straight up the chimney. With an electric fire, 100% of the heat generated goes exactly where it should do – into your living room! Not only does this result in more heat where it matters, but it also means you’ll be saving money on the ongoing running costs too.

7. Instant Heat

You flick a switch, and the heat is on. No more gathering coals or logs, trying to light your fire and waiting while it splutters into life, an electric option provides instant heat, exactly when you need it.

8. Heat Control

Is your fire too hot? No problem – modern electric fires come with multiple heat settings, giving you complete control over the heat you’re getting without having to open a window and let out all of the heat you’ve just paid to generate! The majority of electric fires also come with a “flame effect only” setting (some even have a cool blow option as well), meaning you can even have the effect of the fire, without any heat being given off.

9. Compatibility

One of the best features of electric fires is their versatility and usability. Marble, granite, solid wood or MDF; if you can make a fireplace out of it, then chances are, you’ll be able to use an electric fire with it! This will not only help reduce your costs, but also opens up a whole plethora of possibilities, as you really can have any fireplace you’d like, with any fire that you’d like.

10. Mix & Match

Fireplaces aren’t exactly something you buy every day. They require time, thought and careful consideration – after all, the only person who has to look at it every day is you! The great thing about an electric fire is that they often have interchangeable trims and frets, can be moved around and repositioned easily, and can even be swapped completely at relatively low cost. This makes for a truly customisable focal point, that you can change to keep fresh and up-to-date, without having to break the bank.