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It's all well and good having a new fireplace sitting in your front room, but if you don't know how to install, it’s not going to do you much good. So, to bring yourself up to speed with how exactly you can install and get the very most out of your fireplace, simply scan the list below and select the manual you need. (Note, the instructions are in Abode Acrobat PDF format. If your computer doesn’t have a PDF reader simply click here to download it for free.)
  1. Inset Electric Fires - Download Now
  2. Wall Mounted Electric Fires - Download Now
  3. Marble Fireplace Surround Installation - Download Now
  4. Limestone Fireplace Surround Installation - Download Now
  5. Fire Surrounds: General Guide - Download Now
  6. Fire Surrounds: Contemporary Fires  - Download Now
  7. Fire Surrounds: Traditional Fuel Effect Fires - Download Now
  8. Wooden Surrounds - Download Now