The Best Electric Fire Flame Effects

You’ve gotta love electric fires. Inexpensive, efficient and easy to set up, nothing beats electric fires in terms of ease of use. Alright, so they don’t have a real flame, but you’d be surprised at how real a simulation modern day technology can give. Proof? Well just check out this list of top electric flame effects!

Ribbon Flame Effect

Despite being the most low-tech of the flame effect options, you’d be surprised by how realistic this flame effect is. Basically, the fire contains strips of plain red ribbon that have air blown at them, making them raise up and dance in an accurate representation of a fire.

Glow Effect

If you’re looking for a softer, more atmospheric fire simulation, a glow effect might just be perfect for you. Glow effects simply consist of a yellow light at the bottom of the fireplace, with stacks of loose coal and pebbles stacked above. Light shines through cracks in the bed, creating a snug glow that is perfect to relax in front of in the evenings.

LED Flame Effect

An LED flame effect is a more high tech option, and is capable of producing some spectacular flame effects. The effect works by tiny LED bulbs shining onto a revolving mirrored surface at the bottom of the fire. The light is reflected upwards, and is stretched and warped to resemble real moving flames. Best yet, the bulbs last up to 50,000 hours, meaning they will never need to be changed!


Optimist is the single most realistic fire effect on the market, although the downside of this is a higher price tag. Developed by Dimplex, the effect basically consists of water that is turned into mist by an ultrasonic wave. The mist rises, combining with an orange light to create an incredibly accurate simulation of dancing flames. 

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